Let’s Make Gift-Giving Great Again

Have you ever found yourself wandering retail aisles late in the Christmas game, trying to find SOMETHING to buy for that one remaining person still on your list? Something, anything, you don’t even care at that point. Just something to put in a box, slap a bow on, and call it a day. Or worse… Retailers are happy to accommodate […]

Failure IS an Option

“Hon, did you buy something on Ebay tonight?” Oh snap, I didn’t know he got notifications on that… “Yeah.” “Ummm… did you….” “Yeah, I bought 4 somethings.” A dubious, “Okaaaay” followed. The doubt was well-placed, probably. He was looking at my purchase of a dozen Guardians booster packs. Earlier, I’d emailed my Mom: Mom, Remember that card game, Guardians? The […]