Riding the Hype Train

It’s not easy being a gamer, you know. We have an awful lot of stuff to deal with. We’ve got the world pointing fingers at us for a full spectrum of crimes, shady dealings, and misogyny. We had a sort of representative gamer tv channel once, with smart voices like Adam Sessler, who stood up for us and our hobby […]

A Friendly Cybersecurity Chat

I recently had the honor of participating on a panel discussing cybersecurity for The Mia Connect Power Chat. This is a topic I follow, both as a gamer, a social media professional, and of course just a spectator watching the rapid evolution of the internet. The main message: be paranoid. Is it a pain to make a different complicated password […]

I recently watched Valve’s Free to Play documentary, which, like the Dota 2 game it chronicles, is free to play on Steam. I had it queued up there, but it also landed on one of my favorite websites, topdocumentaryfilms.com, in its YouTube form, so I watched that version instead. Valve continues to impress. I have wanted to know more about […]

I expected to beat Tropico 4 on President’s Day, but the final level turned out to be hell. Over that weekend, I failed it at least 6 times in a row, and walked away angry and vowing that I was done with Tropico. I went from loving the game to loathing it. I’d logged over 100 hours on it, played […]

The Latest of Us – 2-5-2014

So instead of a weekly thing, this has turned into a bi-weekly, maybe monthly, thing. Consistency is overrated! Since I last posted, I have signed up for my first MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), via Coursera, about Gamification. I’m interested in MOOCs for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that, with any luck, they will be […]

The Week in Review 1-17-2014

  I’ve decided to start doing Friday summary posts about things that happened during the week in the various categories I obsess over. It’s so easy to just let interesting articles, ideas, and discussions march down the social media conveyer belt and off into the darkness. They deserve better. So here we go, highlights from my week in…   Pinball […]

I just came across this Polygon article, “No Girls Allowed.” It starts off by touching on the issue of the segregation of boy and girl toys in department stores, a topic that also happens to irk me, but then dives into my current trigger topic; girl gaming.  This is a really good article, and it’s a long one, but you […]

Reliving childhood with retro games

I’ve never really thought of myself as a “girl gamer”, but definitely as a “gamer”. My Dad worked as a chef in bars, hotels, and restaurants, so usually when we’d be there to pick him up, there was a Space Invaders or Play Choice 10 to be found. I also remember my first pulse-pounding experience playing Centipede at the local […]

I’m always on the lookout for gaming things I can get super-obsessed about. I camped outside the local Target overnight for the Nintendo Wii.  I visited the Skyrim food truck, and of course went to the midnight launch to pick up the game.  For me, that’s bonus material.  It’s also why Kickstarter is my kryptonite. So the other day when a […]

So, Grand Theft Auto V came out last week, with crazy amazing sales figures. It’s not really my thing, but I caught a Kotaku article written by a video game store clerk, expressing concern and disappointment about the number of parents buying it for their young kids.  I quite agree, the article was disheartening and disturbing. I Sold Too Many Copies of […]