Riding the Hype Train

It’s not easy being a gamer, you know. We have an awful lot of stuff to deal with. We’ve got the world pointing fingers at us for a full spectrum of crimes, shady dealings, and misogyny. We had a sort of representative gamer tv channel once, with smart voices like Adam Sessler, who stood up for us and our hobby […]

A Friendly Cybersecurity Chat

I recently had the honor of participating on a panel discussing cybersecurity for The Mia Connect Power Chat. This is a topic I follow, both as a gamer, a social media professional, and of course just a spectator watching the rapid evolution of the internet. The main message: be paranoid. Is it a pain to make a different complicated password […]

Gamer, know thyself

For years, I’ve considered myself an Xbox gamer. I collected achievements, and spent time customizing my avatar. I beat Culdcept SAGA. I played through Oblivion twice fully, and Skyrim 1 1/2 times.  I have literally hundreds of hours logged on Xbox. But it’s been a while since the last Elder Scrolls game, and the Xbox has gone unplayed this year. […]