Shoot Again

The Resurgence of Pinball

Shoot Again is a new documentary that explores the resurgence of pinball, particularly in America, over the past few years.  Project is currently in post-production.

The nineties were the golden age of DMD (dot-matrix display) pinball. But as that decade came to a close, pinball sales were in decline. Williams Bally/Midway stopped producing pinball machines October 0f 1999. Just a month earlier, Gary Stern had purchased Sega Pinball to form Stern Pinball. Suddenly Stern was the last pinball company on the map.

This was the situation for many years. Pinball dwindled from the public eye, but was still supported by a dedicated collector/hobbyist base. A few indie projects popped up here and there, but no bona fide manufacturers. Stern seemed to be struggling, and had to make staff reductions.

Then something changed.

In recent years, pinball is making a comeback.  The collector market has heated up, and barcades are also increasingly popular.  One of the strongest signs is the emergence of new pinball manufacturers for the first time in over a decade, as well as a number of small batch indie projects going on all over the world.

There are many good documentaries out there on the subject of pinball, but it’s time for a new one.  One that covers the resurgence, as well as compelling elements of the collector scene not previously explored.  Shoot Again will include interviews with hobbyists, arcade operators, manufacturers, and designers in a truly American industry that seems to have come back from the brink of extinction once again.

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Shoot Again: The Pinball Resurgence