Going Cardboard

A Board Game Documentary

Going Cardboard is a film about the new board gaming, a phenomenon going on right under your nose, probably in your very community! This film will take you into that world to meet the players and designers responsible for this radical departure from technology. And you just might discover it’s the hobby for you.

What’s so interesting about designer board games, anyway?

In a nutshell, everything!

  • The Games. Designer board games are beautifully crafted, often with interestingly-shaped and high-quality game pieces. The variety of themes and gameplay types means that there is virtually something for everyone, from competitive farming to RISK-style war games to cooperative space quests.
  • The Players. The hobby brings people of all ages and walks of life together in a friendly environment where even newcomers are welcome to pull up a chair and play. Children suddenly take an interest in spending quality time with their parents. Great friendships (and even marriages) are forged between people that might never have otherwise met.
  • The Designers. The creativity and passion of the board game designers is enthralling and contagious. They, too, come from a diverse life background of engineers, writers, and even doctors, designing board games largely out of pure passion for the genre. They’re as varied and engaging as the games they design, and will inspire your own creativity!
  • The Events. From home-based game night gatherings and coffeeshop meetings to larger hotel-based conventions to the industry’s “Academy Awards” event in Essen, Germany, board game events run the gamut.

Be warned; there’s a significant risk that after seeing Going Cardboard, you, too, will feel compelled to begin your own modest little board game collection. (average collection size: 300+ games)