Environmental Baby Steps

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about habits, and the power of small changes over time. We apply the concept to health and fitness readily; just take the stairs more often, go for a walk a couple times during the day, or do some squats when you get up from your work desk. And those changes can add up to be just as effective as going to the gym, which is GREAT news, because going to the gym is a very hard habit to form.


The same approach can be applied to the goal of a more environmentally friendly existence, too. Even if you can’t install solar panels on your home right now, even if you can’t get out of driving that SUV (hey, it’s a lease)… there are small things you CAN do. And doing small things, I’ve found, gives one the motivational rewards and encouragement to progress toward bigger things. Or more small things. Which is also great.


So in that spirit, I created this SlideShare presentation about a tiny fraction of the small choices we could all make that would contribute to change.


 It’s not necessarily the most important 10 things. It’s just 10 things. But creating it helped me do a lot of thinking about this subject, and that IS important.

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