Boxes of stuff!

Why are monthly deliveries of surprise assortments of stuff in boxes all the rage suddenly?  Is there any OTHER way you could deliver a bunch of stuff to my door?  A padded envelope, I suppose.  But seriously, my Facebook wall has been barraged lately with monthly box-oriented subscription offers. My first foray into the subscription to unspecified stuff delivery services […]

Vintage books live again as journals

For a couple years now, I have been a big fan of a website called Ex Libris Anonymous, run by Jacob  Deatherage, at  It’s served as my source for work notebooks, and I always try to have a selection on hand for quick little gifts.  For example, I’ve given some Dr. Seuss and alphabet primer themed journals to my kids’ grade school teachers at the […]

Something that has crossed my mind numerous times as I ponder the whole “lean in” obsession is simply, how does our utter focus by both parents on career mobility affect that generation we’re raising?  I see article about The True Cost of Leaning In in terms of financials (hiring nannies and such) but the true “true cost” might be a […]

Hobbit Number 5

Most of us are familiar with the tale of the four hobbits who went on a grand adventure and pretty much saved Middle-Earth.  But that’s not the whole story.  Evidence has been gathered in bits and pieces suggesting the existence of a fifth hobbit, one of unsurpassed cooking skills, whose name is, sadly, long-forgotten.  It is even postulated by some scholars that it […]

Who Dunnit is one of my favorite pinball machines.  With a Clue-style theme, and some really fun mechanics like a ringing telephone and a slot machine, it captures its imaginative setting, a murder mystery at a casino, perfectly.  Recently, I’ve been improving my game and reaching higher scores than I ever have before, too. I realized I didn’t really know […]

The Silverball Museum

This past weekend, I took the kids on a road trip to New Jersey, to meet up with Shoot Again’s director and co-producer, Blake Faucette.  The first interview conducted was with Jack Guarnieri of Jersey Jack Pinball.  I wasn’t present for this one, sadly, as I would have loved to see the Jersey Jack facilities (especially after Blake showed me […]

Our Global Inheritance

As a parent, I worry more than I used to.  It comes with the territory.  Suddenly the future is more than just your lifetime, it’s the future your children will grow up in.  I read about the upcoming permanently unemployed class, and global warming, and the dangers of synthetic chemicals, and short attention spans, and things in the air.  Amphibian and […]

This past April’s announcement of Stern’s Metallica pinball machine line, specifically the Master of Puppets Limited Edition version, has presented some strong evidence supporting the pinball resurgence theory, but also in a way that isn’t necessarily thrilling the long-time collector core community.  Let me try and sum this up in a nutshell, but some serious craziness has gone down in […]