So, Grand Theft Auto V came out last week, with crazy amazing sales figures. It’s not really my thing, but I caught a Kotaku article written by a video game store clerk, expressing concern and disappointment about the number of parents buying it for their young kids.  I quite agree, the article was disheartening and disturbing. I Sold Too Many Copies of […]

I’m pretty interested in pinball, and the pinball resurgence.  So I have a Google Alert set up, not surprisingly, for the keyword “pinball”.  I scan that for interesting results to share with my social audiences, such as the Google+ Pinball Enthusiasts Community I created.  This has led to an observation; local news sites are often behind the SEO times.  Understandably, […]

My first Google Hangout

Yeah, yeah… so I’d never been on a Google Hangout before. I haven’t actually seen Rocky Horror Picture Show, either, or attended a Star Trek convention (yet).  Thankfully, I remedied one of those deficiencies last Friday as a panel member for Mia Voss’ Social Media Power Chat.  These occur every Friday, and involve a number of fine folks in the social media […]

Minimalist kitchen purge

A friend of mine recently took a minimalist challenge for 30 days, and blogged the results.  I found his experience inspiring, and since we are thinking of moving in the next year or two, I started applying the minimalist mentality to our own collection of stuff. Well, nowhere is this approach more applicable than in the kitchen.  The kitchen presents a […]

So we got it, our grail pin, a Star Trek: The Next Generation.  A machine made two decades ago, and notorious for being tempermental.  But it’s Next Gen.  With voice-overs from the actual cast, and designed by pin god Steve Ritchie.  I mean, it includes the “Space: the final frontier…” monologue. We’ve been after this one for a while, and […]

Meal strategery for busy moms

I’m a mother of two with a full-time job, side projects, and maybe a couple hobbies and aspirations.  I’m ‘leaning in’ about as far as I can without falling over.  I love to cook, but it’s so hard to pull off on any given weeknight.  I did a reality check the other week and craigslisted my KitchenAid mixer and Cuisinart ice cream […]

Boxes of stuff!

Why are monthly deliveries of surprise assortments of stuff in boxes all the rage suddenly?  Is there any OTHER way you could deliver a bunch of stuff to my door?  A padded envelope, I suppose.  But seriously, my Facebook wall has been barraged lately with monthly box-oriented subscription offers. My first foray into the subscription to unspecified stuff delivery services […]

Vintage books live again as journals

For a couple years now, I have been a big fan of a website called Ex Libris Anonymous, run by Jacob  Deatherage, at  It’s served as my source for work notebooks, and I always try to have a selection on hand for quick little gifts.  For example, I’ve given some Dr. Seuss and alphabet primer themed journals to my kids’ grade school teachers at the […]

Something that has crossed my mind numerous times as I ponder the whole “lean in” obsession is simply, how does our utter focus by both parents on career mobility affect that generation we’re raising?  I see article about The True Cost of Leaning In in terms of financials (hiring nannies and such) but the true “true cost” might be a […]

Hobbit Number 5

Most of us are familiar with the tale of the four hobbits who went on a grand adventure and pretty much saved Middle-Earth.  But that’s not the whole story.  Evidence has been gathered in bits and pieces suggesting the existence of a fifth hobbit, one of unsurpassed cooking skills, whose name is, sadly, long-forgotten.  It is even postulated by some scholars that it […]