Beyond those few days of name tags and networking, conferences offer a great opportunity to promote your business and engage followers on social media. With each glimpse of day-to-day activity and with every session take-away you post, you can broaden your audience and visibility as updates are liked and shared. You’re also building a reputable history viewable indefinitely by future […]

Recently, I was reading the 2017 PPC Benchmark Report on AdStage. It contains some average stats for LinkedIn ads for 2017. These two caught my eye: The average CPC (cost per click) on LinkedIn is $6.50 The average CTR (click-through rate) on LinkedIn is 0.13% Ads I run on LinkedIn routinely receive quadruple that click-through rate, at nearly half the cost. Not […]

Let’s Make Gift-Giving Great Again

Have you ever found yourself wandering retail aisles late in the Christmas game, trying to find SOMETHING to buy for that one remaining person still on your list? Something, anything, you don’t even care at that point. Just something to put in a box, slap a bow on, and call it a day. Or worse… Retailers are happy to accommodate […]

Failure IS an Option

“Hon, did you buy something on Ebay tonight?” Oh snap, I didn’t know he got notifications on that… “Yeah.” “Ummm… did you….” “Yeah, I bought 4 somethings.” A dubious, “Okaaaay” followed. The doubt was well-placed, probably. He was looking at my purchase of a dozen Guardians booster packs. Earlier, I’d emailed my Mom: Mom, Remember that card game, Guardians? The […]

What I Love About Twitter

I didn’t start out as a big fan of Twitter. In fact, I only created an account because it was part of my job at the time to do so. But I really learned to love this often misunderstood platform in the years that followed. Many people have never gotten past the initial stigma of “What? I tell everyone I’m at Starbucks?” […]

Social selling; it’s all the rage now, since cold calling is dead. Part of my job involves understanding social selling, and that primarily – at least, for the time being – means LinkedIn. But when it comes to LinkedIn, aren’t we all selling something? You know what I mean, don’t be coy. On LinkedIn, we’re all trying like hell to […]

But first, a little bit about me… What I’m playing: Fallout 4 What I’m watching: The Walking Dead Go-to mobile app: Plague, Inc. One of my favorite board games: Pandemic Favorite novel in recent memory: Station Eleven Yeah, I’m pretty obsessed. I’ve often wondered what it is about the apocalypse that’s so captivating, especially these days when there’s a marked […]

Riding the Hype Train

It’s not easy being a gamer, you know. We have an awful lot of stuff to deal with. We’ve got the world pointing fingers at us for a full spectrum of crimes, shady dealings, and misogyny. We had a sort of representative gamer tv channel once, with smart voices like Adam Sessler, who stood up for us and our hobby […]