The Week in Review 1-17-2014

  I’ve decided to start doing Friday summary posts about things that happened during the week in the various categories I obsess over. It’s so easy to just let interesting articles, ideas, and discussions march down the social media conveyer belt and off into the darkness. They deserve better. So here we go, highlights from my week in…   Pinball […]

Gamer, know thyself

For years, I’ve considered myself an Xbox gamer. I collected achievements, and spent time customizing my avatar. I beat Culdcept SAGA. I played through Oblivion twice fully, and Skyrim 1 1/2 times.  I have literally hundreds of hours logged on Xbox. But it’s been a while since the last Elder Scrolls game, and the Xbox has gone unplayed this year. […]

Gamification, using game-like mechanics in non-game parts of life like learning, exercizing, or doing chores, is all the rage. And while there are detractors out there who think it isn’t really a thing, it’s pretty clear that we’re entering an era full of it. But you can’t just slap some badges on your product experience and call it a day. […]