Something that has crossed my mind numerous times as I ponder the whole “lean in” obsession is simply, how does our utter focus by both parents on career mobility affect that generation we’re raising?  I see article about The True Cost of Leaning In in terms of financials (hiring nannies and such) but the true “true cost” might be a […]

Hobbit Number 5

Most of us are familiar with the tale of the four hobbits who went on a grand adventure and pretty much saved Middle-Earth.  But that’s not the whole story.  Evidence has been gathered in bits and pieces suggesting the existence of a fifth hobbit, one of unsurpassed cooking skills, whose name is, sadly, long-forgotten.  It is even postulated by some scholars that it […]

Who Dunnit is one of my favorite pinball machines.  With a Clue-style theme, and some really fun mechanics like a ringing telephone and a slot machine, it captures its imaginative setting, a murder mystery at a casino, perfectly.  Recently, I’ve been improving my game and reaching higher scores than I ever have before, too. I realized I didn’t really know […]