Inbound Marketer

In my three years as Social Media Manager, I grew my company’s 30+ Facebook and Twitter communities from the ground up, from under 100,000 members to over 3 million.  On the content side, I manage a team of freelance bloggers writing for 29 language blogs with companion YouTube channels, as well as a Word of the Day service for over two dozen languages.

As Inbound Marketing Manager, my position has expanded to a more content and SEO-centric role that extends beyond the consumer segment of our business and encompasses the institutional, government, and library segments as well.  My primary duties right now include:

  • Oversee Social Media Coordinator and manage social media strategy
  • Drive content creation (videos, articles, white papers, word of the day, etc.)
  • Shape corporate blog strategy and manage content dispersal schedule
  • Manage Pay-Per-Click (PPC) program
  • Create and send email communications to various customer segments, including user bulletins and promotional emails

Since I have held the positions of eCommerce Manager, Social Media Manager, and now Inbound Marketing Manager, I have a valuable and well-rounded understanding of all the synergies in play between these different roles.  I understand the temptation to rest on the laurels of raw follower numbers, as well as the temptation to heavy-handedly throw marketing promotions at such large numbers of qualified eyeballs.  Most importantly, I understand how and why to avoid doing either of those things.



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