The Silverball Museum

This past weekend, I took the kids on a road trip to New Jersey, to meet up with Shoot Again’s director and co-producer, Blake Faucette.  The first interview conducted was with Jack Guarnieri of Jersey Jack Pinball.  I wasn’t present for this one, sadly, as I would have loved to see the Jersey Jack facilities (especially after Blake showed me […]

Our Global Inheritance

As a parent, I worry more than I used to.  It comes with the territory.  Suddenly the future is more than just your lifetime, it’s the future your children will grow up in.  I read about the upcoming permanently unemployed class, and global warming, and the dangers of synthetic chemicals, and short attention spans, and things in the air.  Amphibian and […]

Inbound Marketer

In my three years as Social Media Manager, I grew my company’s 30+ Facebook and Twitter communities from the ground up, from under 100,000 members to over 3 million.  On the content side, I manage a team of freelance bloggers writing for 29 language blogs with companion YouTube channels, as well as a Word of the Day service for over two dozen languages. As Inbound Marketing Manager, […]